The measurement system for mobile services

The use of mobile services is judged by the customer according to what arrives at the end of the device. The satisfaction is determined by the specific expectation and the complex technical interaction of all system components.

The OTARIS MyAUDIT 5G App is a solution for the acquisition of Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS). The app measures the technical quality with commercial end devices, where and when end users use mobile services: whether at home, in the leisure park, stadium, store or at work. The technical measurement of network and service quality is done passively and in the background. In addition, the MyAUDIT app can also interact with the customer in a parameterized manner and, through targeted questions, capture the perceived quality. The quality is assessed as the customer perceives it directly.

Maximum effectiveness through combination with the ProAUDIT Suite®

The conduct of measurement campaigns and audits is supported holistically by the OTARIS ProAUDIT management suite. From the panel management to the individual definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) and the roll-out of the audit to the defined participant groups, the entire workflow of an audit is represented with the suite. The suite supports panel management, provisioning, data collection, analysis and monitoring. With the help of the integrated reporting studio, PowerPoint presentations can be created easily. The suite also includes a module for addressing large customer groups via email or SMS. The acquired qualitative data can, if necessary, be related to company data.

Technical features

The Customer Experience is captured on the customer’s smartphone using the MyAUDIT 5G App. No special hardware is required for this. The customer simply has to install the app and accept the participation. The app is already available from Android Version 2.2. Also for Symbian, BlackBerry and iOS the app is available with a defined functionality. For iOS, only the QoE module is currently available for enterprise use. MyAUDIT 5G can be ordered on request with the CI adaptations. In this case, the app is designed according to specifications or the corporate design of the customer. The recorded measurement data is encrypted securely by an asymetric method and sent to the backend via http/s. The data upload takes place in the idle mode of the device and thus does not interfere with normal usage. The APN for the data upload can be configured as required.



  • Telephony (MOC, MTC)
  • Browser Usage
  • App Usage (inter alia YouTube, Facebook, Marketplace oder General Usage)
  • Non Service Related Modul (2/3G, 4G, 5G und LTE)
  • QoE module
  • User Benefit Module (Speedmeter, App observer, system information)
  • Analyzer (diagnostic Analysis of the hardware)


With the OTARIS MyAUDIT app, the Customer Experience can be easily captured by questionnaires. To do this, the app is configured to respond (trigger) to specific events (time, location, use of a service). Here, usage data, terminal information and network data are collected, aggregated and processed. The collected QoE, QoS and network data can be correlated.