Hash-based information redundancy – safe is safe!

Blockchain technologies have become one of the most discussed topics in IT in recent years. Although its origins are in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the technology is not limited to this use case, but has the potential to provide solutions to various problems.

In addition to its application as an alternative to traditional forms of currency, blockchain technology is used in many other areas where values and attributes need to be stored in a way that is as tamper-proof as possible. For example, it is used for container tracking in logistics, for the representation of physical products, for identity management, certificate management, credential security, and in many other applications.

The basic principle of blockchains is based on distributed ledger technology, which describes distributed data storage in peer-to-peer networks. Blockchains are therefore often understood as a further development of distributed databases, whereby they are distinguished by special properties:

  • Management of decentralized data storage – Each peer (network node) has a locally stored copy of the blockchain data. Since new data is added via a respective consensus mechanism, there is no need for a central authority to monitor transactions.

  • High transparency – The operation of distributed ledger technology is based on the documentation of all transactions in the network.

  • Tamper resistance – The validity of transactions is validated on the network before the data is written to blocks. New blocks are linked to the previous block by cryptographic chaining, which prevents tampering. This chaining of blocks in chronological order creates the blockchain.

OTARIS offers you experience in the development of innovative Blockchain projects:

  • NutriSafe – Safety in food production and logistics through distributed ledger technology
  • MetaHL Fabric – The interface to control your Hyperledger Fabric blockchain

We will be glad to advise you and support you on the way to your individual Blockchain solution.


Our Services:

  • Collaborative identification of requirements for your blockchain application
  • Consulting on the selection of blockchain technology
  • Support in the implementation of your blockchain vision
  • Management of your digital content in the blockchain