Every company is unique. Therefore, each requires software solutions that are perfectly adapted to the respective needs and circumstances. In accordance with this credo, we develop individual software solutions together with you across all industries. Our software development is characterized by high reliability, usability and secure implementation.

We offer the highest level of satisfaction through close cooperation as well as optimal communication and support through a single point of contact and agile development procedures. Through the approach of Design Thinking we create products that exactly meet the needs of the users. For our competent and experienced team, the focus is on a fast, and high-quality implementation of your project, while adhering to current best practices.

In the development of your software, we use process models such as Scrum and Kanban, in combination with current development tools. In this way, we provide up-to-date, efficient and cost-optimized solutions for various platforms and devices such as desktop PCs, web servers, embedded systems, smartphones and tablets.





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With increasing digitalization, it is becoming more and more important to also consider software security in advance. OTARIS is ready to support you in establishing this topic in your company. In this process, we accompany you along the entire Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) from courses for developers to security/privacy requirements engineering, architectural risk analysis, static program analysis and security testing to penetration tests and the secure operation of applications.

We take into account standards or best practices such as ISO/IEC 27034:2011+, Microsoft SDL or OWASP. Special attention is paid to architectural risk analysis based on the STRIDE methodology. For this we conduct moderated workshops with development teams to systematically identify relevant security issues already in the design phase with the help of STRIDE and risk management approaches.

We are also ready to support you in the implementation of corresponding measures; because one thing is clear: the earlier security measures are taken in the development process, the lower the costs you incur.

Another focus of OTARIS in the area of software security is DevSecOps, i.e. securing DevOps development processes and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. We consider the DevSecOps topic especially in the environment of IoT and Industrial IoT applications. We also develop customized security tests for your IoT applications, such as special protocol fuzzers.

Our services:

  • Project management, technology and method consulting
  • Agile Software Development and Integration
  • Implementation by the principles of “Security by Design”
  • Conception and modeling of powerful database architectures
  • Implementation of cross-vendor SQL and NoSQL solutions
  • Implementing mobile apps for Android OS, iOS and Windows
  • Implementing web-based applications and cloud solutions


  • Responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Programming in Java, C / C ++, C #, Objective C, Python, or JavaScript
  • Implementing IoT and M2M solutions
  • Test-driven programming with unit tests
  • Acquisition of maintenance, support and development of IT solutions