The flexible interface for your Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

The open-source project MetaHL Fabric offers you the opportunity to operate your Hyperledger® blockchain securely, clearly and with simple calls. The architecture of the MetaHL Fabric Framework provides for a subdivision into chain code, REST API and client application according to the “Blockchain Data Management” (BCDM) design pattern.

Through its function as a blockchain interface, MetaHL Fabric REST API offers an additional layer for monitoring and controlling your transactions and facilitates the connection of both new and existing systems. The MetaHL Fabric Chain Code extends the Hyperledger® Fabric Framework with a complete implementation for data management in a blockchain infrastructure.

The integrated functions for creating and managing meta definitions help you to process your data flexibly. You can define your own object types, adapted to the respective use case, which allows MetaHL Fabric to be used for a variety of blockchain applications.

The user administration offers predefined roles and whitelists to control access to your blockchain. In addition, you can create your own whitelists or adapt existing ones, which allows you to flexibly manage access control. Secure access to your blockchain application is guaranteed through user authentication. In addition to the integrated, you can also offer external authentication with OAuth2. Alternatively, you are even able to use the REST API with another custom chain code since it is highly configurable and thus flexible.

Do you have any questions about the integration of MetaHL Fabric into your blockchain project? We’re here to help!



  • Management of blockchains by creating, deleting, updating and reading saved objects
  • Definition of custom objekt types (Meta-Objekte)
  • Filtering and selecting using objekt IDs
  • User management with role based approach
  • Access control via custom whitelists
  • Token based authentification with brute force protection
  • Possibility of using OAuth2
  • Easy installation via Docker

MetaHL Fabric is available on Github under