Security through systematic test methods

IT security seeks to protect data and systems from unwanted access and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems. Clouds, as well as IoT devices, require special attention in security analysis as distributed systems. The more complex an overall system is, the more extensive the possible attack vectors become. Thus, the vulnerability of one component can become a problem for the entire system.

At OTARIS, we already have many years of experience in the systematic testing of cloud applications and IoT devices. Thus, a number of potential security flaws can already be detected by analyzing the data transmissions and the interfaces of the system. Our standardized test procedures test a wide range of attack vectors and result in reproducible test quality. We can test not only individual devices or services, but also your architecture, infrastructure or LoRaWAN & SigFox networks. The test results can be used as a basis for targeted penetration tests and supplemented accordingly.

If your system is still under development, or if the infrastructure is being rebuilt, now is also the ideal time to introduce security-by-design principles. If desired, we can also accompany you in workshops during vulnerability analyses of your architecture. Your system to be tested and your requirements are the focus anytime.

In addition to security tests, we record the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) of communication networks and services by means of end-to-end measurements.

Contact us and we will determine a suitable strategy for your project.


Our Services:

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Cloud and IoT architecture planning
  • Security audits of cloud and IoT networks