Focus on non-functional requirements

Networked devices form a self-contained system. Testing the connection between devices is an important part of product risk and quality management and is often underestimated. Not only new, but also existing concepts and products should be checked regularly to ensure that processes and functions still meet the requirements and expectations of the targeted quality. In addition, early detection of errors or weaknesses can keep remediation costs low and save valuable time. The most effective way to achieve this is to develop a customized test design and a systematized test execution. We at OTARIS therefore develop test strategies tailored to your needs. This covers various test areas and methods.

The test options range from quality checks to load and performance tests. For quality testing, both the Quality of Service and the extent to which it meets the requirements can be included, as well as the quality from the direct viewpoint of the users (Quality of Experience). Depending on the testbed, the test is performed in the test lab or in the field. To ensure that you receive comprehensible results, we analyze, explain and visualize the collected data of the corresponding testing for you on request.


Our services:

  • Creation of test strategies and test concepts
  • Testing and measurement of existing quality levels
  • Mobile network testing and measurement of service quality
  • Execution of load and performance tests


  • Mobile App Testing
  • Development of measurement tools and methods
  • Implementation of test automation
  • Execution of laboratory and field tests